Studio in Utah
Last week my single “sight-reading-only” student (who doesn’t practice at home at all, just comes and sight-reads at my studio) got so excited when he saw the app and when I linked in some YouTube pop music tutorials, he actually went home and won the “longest practice” category that night! He hasn’t practiced at home in over a year!
Barbara Miller Music
[Update Review] Better Practice App has aided me in almost every aspect of teaching piano. I can easily check what was assigned and accomplished in the last lesson to help in planning. BPA contains so many resources that I am not even familiar with them all. Just today a student and I were able to check on her practice this week and notice that it was 15-18 minutes long and 4 days out of 7. We could see that spending only one minute on challenging piece had not been enough! Some students are motivated by trying to be first one practicing that day, or practicing longer than anyone else. I would not ever go back to writing assignments in notebooks! In my own piano practice, I am developing a repertoire of memorized classical piano pieces. The app keeps track of when I need to review a piece to keep it fresh. BPA helps this formerly low-tech person appear high-tech!

Barbara M

Barbara Miller Music offers piano lessons in Upper Township, NJ area

Student from Kansas
Fitz Studio
I just finished my first week of assigning music and instructing my students in using Better Practice App, and I'm very excited, as are my students! Even my skeptical teenage students are excited, and my adult students are willing to giving it a try! We've already used the chat feature several times this week and find it to be convenient and helpful! I'm feeling more organized and can see a future of students becoming more consistent practicers and more accountable for their own progress. Better Practice App is straightforward and easy to use. Thank you for creating Better Practice App!

Janet F

Fitz Studio offers piano lessons in New Holland, PA area

Hands in Harmony
Thanks for making this app such a great value-added feature for my students, and such a great tool for me as a teacher. I am really loving it! Not only does it give me tools to track students’ practice and figure out problems they might be having, but it also gives my studio that professional edge for my clients. It’s excellent!

Debbie T

Hands in Harmony offers piano lessons in St. Catharines, Ontario area

Canadian Federation of Music Teachers Association
I think this app is a win-win-win for parents, students, and teachers!

Canadian Music Teacher Magazine

Fall 2016 Review

Parent from California
Practice becomes less of a chore for both the parent and child.

Tu'uyen N, PhD

Stephen's Piano Studio
This app has become standard in my studio!! No more paper notes and playlists for me. I love the ease of lesson planning and assigning. It's great to be able to chat with students during the week and also see their daily progress. This has revolutionized my studio ever since I began using it. Thank you as well Better Practice team for considering and even implementing some of our suggestions as users. You guys are great!

Stephen R

Stephen's Piano Studio offers piano lessons in Santa Rosa, CA area.

Student from Ohio
Great app
Piedmont Performing Art School
BPA has changed my studio in several key ways. I believe the most important change is that my retention is stronger and the app is able to provide my students with an incredible organizational tool!!

With the app-everything is right there. A list of songs they need to practice, videos (I put in), music (if needed) and they can ask me a question anytime. I can also ask them anything!!

The main two features of BPA I use the most are the Video feature for video imbedding/pasting from my youtube channel and the “Chat” feature for communication outside of the lesson.

The Video feature:
Short little reference videos are the best! Students don’t need a long explanation of the song-just a reminder of what we learned that week. We make the videos in class when we need to and I keep a list of all the videos I make in my “notes” program so I can just copy/paste for the next students for that song. It’s very easy to do.

I notice that students will watch/review when it’s right there in the app. When they need to go grab a DVD or go to another site-not as much.

I set all my videos on youtube as “unlisted” and this keeps all videos private and ad free.

I use my phone and the app “Capture” that I connect to my youtube account. Makes it easy and fast.

I also attach sheet music as well. It’s wonderful to have everything in one place!!

The Chat feature:
I think it’s so important that students feel like they can ask me something-anytime.
Or tell me that they love a song-or that they are frustrated. Parents really appreciate this as well. No more waiting till the next lesson or parents can also ask me questions-anytime.

I know that talking to students/parents outside of the lesson seems like more work but what I’ve discovered is that it’s takes seconds to answer a question and the relationship that we have with our students is strengthened by more communication. I feel that students/parents still respect my time and are so appreciative of being able to get a question answered. The less time my students/parents spend frustrated with piano-the better! I want them to have a fantastic experience in my studio and for them to stay for a long time.

The BPA allows me to help make this happen. Thanks so much for creating this simple-but full of useful features app!!

Kristin F

Piedmon Performing Arts School offers music and drama lessons in Oakland and Berkeley, CA area.

Parent from California
It’s fun for them and keeps them interested in practice.

Juliet S

Innersong Studio
If anyone tells you this app is "amazing," just raise that by a power of at least 10... Every SM teacher should get this!!!

Rebecca G

Innersong Studio offers piano lessons in Denver, CO area.

Megan's Piano Lessons
I’ve had nothing but good reviews from students and parents. As the teacher, I pretty much love everything about it!

Megan D

Megan's Piano Lessons offers piano lessons in Tulsa, OK area.

Student from Alabama
This app is AMAZING, I'm so glad my teacher had my band start using it...
Music Time with Dixie
Love the app! It's transformed the practicing of almost all my students.

Dixie C

Music Time with Dixie offers piano lessons in Walla Walla, WA area.

Music In Me
My favorite BPA feature -- so hard to choose! I especially love the backing tracks, the lesson planning features, and the increased communication with many of my students via the Chat function. The tech support team is truly incredible! EVERY time I contact them, I receive a thoughtful, helpful and PROMPT response. There have been many improvements to the app already, including several that were my suggestions (of course, it could well be that many others made the same suggestions).

Amy L

Music In Me offers piano lessons in Los Angeles, CA area.

Student from California
Arabesque1 Music Studio
It brings a sense of community and cohesiveness...

Stephanie C

Arabesque offers piano lessons in Whittier, CA area.

Voice Works Music Studio
My students and parents are just thrilled with this new way to organize their playlists and assignments, and it gave me credibility as a teacher, as it has enhanced my appeal as a "technologically advanced" studio.

Marsha S

Voice Works Music Studio offers piano, voice lessons in Spokane, WA area.

Parent from Australia
My son is practicing nonstop. He loves this new app!
For the Luv of Piano
I am so happy to use BPA because it has cut down on the administrative time it took to run my lessons. My students and parents love it. It's a tool for the forward-thinking musician and business person.

Bernie A

For the Luv of Piano offers piano lessons in San Jose, CA area.

Student from Utah
I love this app it's so cool!
Almaden Piano Studio
Oh, I have to stop chatting with my students with this Better Practice App. What a wonderful tool indeed. You guys are amazing!

Kym N

Almaden Piano Studio offers piano lessons in San Jose, CA area.

Barbara Miller Music Studio
Better Practice App gives me and my students a motivational boost to practice. The younger ones, especially, like to be first to practice and receive a badge. Before the lesson I look at their practice and can begin the lesson with praise for their diligence.

They definitely use BPA to check up on me too! My practice has increased because I know they are watching. With a large playlist like mine and that of some of my students in Level 6 and up, it is much easier to keep all the songs alive when we follow the BPA suggestions for practice.

When I ask to hear a song and the student can't remember the song well, we can look at the 30 day view and realize that they have not played the song enough. Otherwise, they are left wondering, "Why can't I play this?" The timer feature also helps students realize that it does not take many hours a week to keep a playlist alive. Even 20 minutes a day can work, and most of us can manage that much practice.

Better Practice have been wonderful responding to my many questions. In my earlier days with the app, I needed LOTS of support and they were always available with an email response or phone call within a day, if not within hours.

I tell everyone about BPA, how much fun it is for me to use, how efficient I now feel at lessons, and how it has boosted my students practice. Good luck BPA!

Barbara M

Barbara Miller Music Studio offers piano lessons in Upper Township, NJ area.

East Coast Music
I only signed up this student 3hrs ago and she has already practiced 40 songs tonight!! Wow I love this app!

Joanne D

East Coast Music offers piano and voice lessons in Brisbane, QLD area.

Student from N. California
Parent from Spain
Congratulations for the new way of control and practice! The app is great! More motivación for the children!
Parent from California
It prevents a lot of unnecessary friction between me and my child.

Thuy D, PhD

Student from Utah
I Love Better Practice
JLester Piano Studio
The consensus with my students and their parents is a resounding success! I have students who have never practiced that are now practicing consistently. The students and I communicate through the app, and that has been wonderful. If they have a question they no longer have to wait a week for help. I am so happy to have found this tool, it has made such a difference for me and my students.

Jane L

JLester offers piano lessons in Watkinsville, Georgia area

Sotogrande International School
One thing I can say, is I must be the happiest teacher in the whole world right now - and it's all down to you guys. With all my heart, thank you.

Laura K

Sotogrande International school is located in Cadiz, Spain.

Student from Utah
This is awesome
Playing for Keeps
My experience with the Better Practice App has been nothing short of revolutionary for me as a teacher. Before using this app, I had been struggling with how I wanted to organize my system of lesson planning for my studio. Now, I simply choose the assignment I want from an organized (by level) list, click "assign", and the new assignment appears on the student's assignment list! That's only one of many ways the Better Practice App has streamlined my lesson planning time. I am so much more organized and prepared as a teacher, and that is coming from someone who didn't think they wanted to move away from using paper!

As a teacher, I can see what my students are practicing, how much they are practicing, and if they are having difficulties. The built-in chat feature allows students to ask me questions throughout the week that they may have otherwise waited to ask until their next lesson. This knowledge also helps me know how to move forward with their next lesson.

The ability to send out email blasts directly from the app would not have been a selling point for me, but now I find myself using this frequently for quick announcements and reminders. The communication I now have with my studio has improved due to the convenience of this feature.

Rochelle G

Playing for Keeps offers piano lessons in Temescal Valley, CA area.

Student from Nebraska
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app because it helps me and other children.😊😊😊😊
Silver Fox Studio
Better Practice App has revolutionized my teaching practice. I no longer teach or plan lessons with binders of paper. I love being able to just work with my laptop and leave all that paper behind. It is a joy to be able to get lesson notes to my students, to see their practicing during the week, and to know that they are practicing so much more than before I implemented the app in my studio. I love to use the chat feature when I notice a student doing particularly well or when I notice they need a bit of encouragement. I am so grateful when a student chats with me because they have a question. And, finally, I have found the app has made my own practice so much easier to manage!

Annette S

Parent from California
I really like it a lot. It makes practice less of a chore for both the parent and the child....

Tu'uyen N

Joan's Sound of Music
One of my families has just started to use the app, the students played everything on their playlist (120 songs) the first day!

Joan H

Joan's Sound of Music offers piano lessons in Guelph, ON area.

Student from Hawaii
I ♥ Better Practice!!!!!!!! ⑤ Stars!!!!!
Studio from S. California
In the middle of revealing this to my students as I teach today. Big smiles and wows all around!...I even forgot my preference for paper as I realized the relevance of this app for myself and my students. By the way, that's HUGE!!!!!!!


Dancing Keys Music Studio
It’s helped me be a leg up to the competition...

Giana N

Dancing Keys Music Studio offers piano lessons in Irvine, CA area.

Studio Encore
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is wonderful to have the curricula from which we are assigning.

Melanie W

Studio Encore offers piano and voice lessons in Crystal, MN area.