Why Better Practice™?

Practice is critical to success in learning music. Lack of practice is the leading reason why music students fail. Lack of practice leads to lack of improvements which leads to unmotivated students that eventually quit. Our goal was to change the practice experience so that avoidable issues (lost music, midweek questions) are eliminated and practice becomes simple and enjoyable. At the same time, we've embedded advanced learning techniques into the tool so that better practice habits are developed at the same time. For teachers, we wanted to help make their job easier by making it easy to organize and manage their students and lesson plans.

We make it so easy to practice - all the tools students need (sheet music, assignment notes, backing tracks, videos, metronome, to name a few!) in one place. We make it interactive and community-based so that students enjoy practice and the process of learning. And we make it smart using proven learning techniques to help students learn faster and develop stronger skills.

No other solution takes such an integrated approach to the practice experience. Because of this, the improvements can be dramatic. Teachers see immediate results - after the very first lesson.

Does Better Practice™ make students practice better?

Yes. Case studies have been done to analyze the results of students and their practice habits before and after the adoption of the app. We've seen dramatic improvements all across the board. Whether it's "Skipped Days" or “One and Done” practice sessions dropping, or a big increase in longer practice sessions that cover more, the improvements are significant. For those that don't practice, it can turn things around. Even good practicers will benefit. This is because practice is not only easier, it is more enjoyable. Plus, students see measurable results which fuel even more motivation. If your students aren't practicing, you need to give Better Practice a try.

How does Better Practice™ help me retain students?

Because students develop much faster and enjoy the learning process, your students stay motivated and stay longer. Also, the use of technology helps teachers modernize their studio and allows them to communicate and connect with their students better than ever. Furthermore, students automatically become a member in an online music community (your studio) creating bonds stronger than just an independent student learning music, practicing in solitude at home.

What if I use other music apps?

There are many great music apps out there focused on different areas. Some for handling sheet music; some help teach reading; others provide ear training. Whatever it is that you like to use, our app works with other music apps. On iPads, we can also work side-by-side. Better Practice™ is focused on managing the practice experience where these music apps become a part of.

How is the student guided through practice and what is spaced repetition?

The Practice List is powered by a smart review engine that uses a proven learning technique called Spaced Repetition (check out this video to see how it works). Basically, this means we organize the assignments given by the teacher (using a very calculated method) for most efficient learning. It’s repeatedly been proven that spaced repetition is the best for long term retention - so what happens in lessons doesn’t just disappear after the recital.

How can I use this app to increase motivation in my unmotivated students?

There are many motivation tools that are embedded within the app. Some are triggered automatically by the student just by using the app, such as badges and leaderboards. Others are essentially tools available for the teacher to use. For example, Better Practice™ makes it simple for teachers to create studio-wide contests. These contest are fun and help in developing consistent practice habits. These are all powerful tools available for the teachers. We also have a community of teachers for sharing best practices on how to best the features to create even more motivation.

With which devices does Better Practice™ work?

Better Practice™ is a web app, meaning it is accessible from any device with a web browser. So you can use a smartphone, tablet, or a computer to access Better Practice™. You do not need to download an app from the App Store. For mobile devices, you can also add a button to your home screen to access the app so it feels and works like an app downloaded from the App Store.

Can I personalize the app for my studio?

Yes! We can add your studio logo and customize the colors so it’s unique to your studio. This is in our Branding Package. We can also help you develop your own website that integrates with the app, which is our Website package.

How do I introduce it into my studio or school?

We provide assistance to Registered teachers on how to set up Better Practice™ and also how to roll it out to all the students. Sign up here to find out now.

What if I'm not tech saavy?

Not to worry. We've worked with hundreds of music teachers all with varying level of technical skills. We'd be happy to walk you through the app and provide training. Plus we have instant chat available in case you get into a bind and need to ask us a question.