About Better Practice


To help music teachers become more successful in developing life-long musicians through the joy of music


As parents and former music students themselves, Ben and Kisha wanted their daughter to enjoy learning music. One day during his daughter's piano lesson, Ben decided to build a simple app to help his daughter learn chords more effectively. He applied fun, modern learning techniques to reinforce the concepts her piano instructor, Alex, was teaching. At that same time, Alex was looking to modernize his studio and design an app to simplify managing assignments and repertoires. One thing led to another, and Better Practice was born.

Since that time, the app has naturally evolved into a true solution to meet the real needs of students, teachers, and parents. The team have come to understand the importance of having a tool that extends beyond the studio into the home (where the hard work is done), enabling students, teachers, and parents to partner together to make learning not only better, but also a lot more fun, a win-win-win for all.

Our dream is to see studios transformed into thriving communities where teachers and students are connected throughout the week, and students are immersed in the joy of music in their daily practice.

Today, Better Practice is a small collaboration of music parents and teachers. We love being in contact with our user community, so please feel free to email or call us anytime with questions, comments, or feedback.

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