Make Teaching Easy

Modernize your school or studio, get organized, and make what you teach more engaging and relevant to students today.

World's Easiest Assignments

Better Practice teachers voted assignments one of their favorite features because they love how easy it is to create assignments and stay organized. Nothing is faster and easier, certainly not paper and pencil!

Clear and instant

Add, change, or retire assignments from anywhere and the changes will clearly appear on the student’s device

Popular, mixed, or custom

We have over 23,000 pre-entered assignments from popular method books, or you can create your own custom assignments. Just tap to create an assignment!

Simple lesson planning

Give your brain a break. The smart assignment guide shows you what the student has already covered and what’s next.


Rich Practice Insights

We have the smartest practice tracking available. Our insights can help answer questions about your students' practices that make a difference.

Clarence Lee

Quick overview

Get a birds eye view of how much and when each student practices. Work with them to build a consistent routine.

Practice details

Among other things, you can see the student’s practice rating for each assignment. This allows you to align yourself on the expected quality of practice and where the student needs more help

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Easy communication

Don’t let uncertainty stop practice! Students can send questions right from their practice screen, and teachers can send encouragements/reminders.


A Motivation Toolbox

The best teachers know how and when to motivate their students. Better Practice is unique in that it gives teachers numerous engagement tools to motivate their students.

Make learning social

Transform your studio into an online learning community where students can observe, share, compete, and cheer each other on!

Think less. Play more.

Our smart practice list organizes your practice to ensure that students have the most efficient and well-rounded practice every time. Read more about our patent-pending review engine here. Because students think less about what to play, we’ve found they practice more… nearly 3x more!

Play along

One of the joys of music is to be able to play along with others. Backing tracks are provided for some methods, or you can attach your own right to the assignment.