Empower Yourself

So simple to use, with such well-crafted features, Better Practice is the perfect tool to modernize your studio and make what you teach more engaging and relevant to students today.

Assignments made simple

Faster and much more effective than traditional pen and paper, managing students and their assignments has never been easier. Whether you follow a method rigorously or customize vigorously, teach in groups or to individuals, Better Practice's organization frees you to focus on what each student needs without worrying about what you can manage.

Clear and instant

Make an assignment with a simple tap and have it clearly appear on the students' practice lists on their device. No more 'I lost my assignment' or 'I did not read it'. Interestingly, students are less likely to lose their iPad. Forget to add an assignment during the lesson? It's not too late. Assignments instantly appear as soon as you add it no matter where the students are.

Popular, mixed, or custom

Choose from popular methods, mix and match, or create your own custom assignments with just a simple tap. You can add additional notes for your students if you'd like too. Better Practice has a library of thousands of songs from popular methods across different instruments. If it's not there, just let us know and we will add it for you to make sure your day-to-day is as easy as can be.

Easy lesson planning

Better Practice has an intelligent lesson planning guide that shows you what the student has already covered, what's currently assigned, and what's next. So it's easy to manage lesson pieces, theory, technique, or other learning streams for different students. During lesson planning schedule a few alternatives with a simple tap and then during the lesson, tap on the ones you think they are ready for and they are assigned immediately. The rest will remain scheduled for future lessons.

Practice made visible

Most music teachers only interact with their students once a week during lesson with the only insight into practice is a paper log. Some teachers tell us that most logs are completed right before the lesson. With Better Practice, you will get a view into when the students practice, what the students practice and where the students need help. You can even interact with them throughout the week, so you don't lose time on roadblocks, making lessons more productive.

Clarence Lee

Quick overview

Get a birds eye view of how much and when each student practices. Work with them to build a consistent routine.

Practice details

For any particular student, you can dive in and see exactly which piece or exercise the student practiced, how long he practiced, and how well he thinks he practiced. This self-evaluation is important because it allows you and the student to align yourself on the expected quality of the practice, and it also allows you to focus on where the students need more help.

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Easy communication

Often times, students run into some uncertainty right in the middle of the practice. What usually happens today is that students will either stop practicing, practice it wrong, or just forget about it. With Better Practice's built-in chat feature, students can now fire a quick question to you right from their practice screen. You'll get a notification that you have a message waiting for you and can respond when you can. The student can continue to make progress throughout the week. Some teachers also use this to send quick notes of encouragement. Students, teachers, and parents alike love this feature.

Practice made fun

Unlike anything ever before, Better Practice marries together elements of modern interactivity that are commonplace with students today with traditional music pedagogy. This unique blend takes what you teach and reframes it. It also transforms practice from a solitary activity into a more modern social activity that students are comfortable with and have come to expect. Your teachings then immediately becomes more relevant and effective. You'll be amazed by the results.

Think less. Play more.

Every day, the student goes to his practice list to see what he needs to practice. This list is constructed from our patent-pending recommendation engine that combines your current assignments, with what the student struggles with, and what hasn't been practiced in a while. The student simply follows the list and the recommendation will ensure that the student is practices are efficient and well-rounded. Read more about our breakthrough practice technology. Because students think less about what to play, we've found that they practice more...nearly 3x more!

Journey together

Learning to play an instrument is very difficult and takes a lot of hard work. To tackle it alone is a lot to ask of students when there are so many other competing activities that connect people together. Better Practice transforms your studio into an online learning community of students who are on the same journey. Don't be surprised if your recitals begin to feel more like family reunion.

Play along

One of the joys of music is to be able play along with others. Better Practice uses rich practice aids such as audio and video media that students can play along with. Backing tracks are provided for some popular method songs, or you can choose from thousands on YouTube, or even create your own. Students can slow down the backing tracks to match their level and increase the speed as their skills develop. In fact, we found that playing along is one of the fastest ways to develop proficiency and it's fun.