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The Future Of Music Practice Is Here

We use advanced science to make practice not only more engaging but also more effective than ever before. Combining advanced behavioral techniques with adaptive computer algorithms, each practice session is optimized for each student. No two students have the same practice list and everyday the lists change. This powerful adaptive practice engine that considers the needs of each student based on several factors:


Current assignments stay as long as necessary for learning, even if the student is in a group that has moved on


Items that need additional work are prioritized over perfected items


Items that have not recently been practiced are added to keep repertoire and skills fresh


Harder items appear more frequently in order for the students to gain enough practice for mastery


CASE STUDY: Practice Increased By Nearly 3x

Case Study: 460 Days of practice

Recently, we did a case study on a student to understand the impact of Better Practice App. We chose Jane who is a typical busy 7 year old who plays soccer, swims, does dance, and gymnastics, is learning a foreign language, along with her piano. Before introducing the app, Jane was not bad at practicing as she practiced well enough to keep pace with the other students, but she was not consistent with her practice. With the introduction of the app, the character of her practice changed. After accumulating sufficient data, we analyzed 460 days to understand the impact. The results are impressive:

One and Done are sessions where the student only completes one assignment then stops. Extended Practice are the sessions that the student played beyond what is currently assigned. Momentum Practice are the sessions where the student loses himself in the moment and the joy of music carries him through it

Accelerate Your Students' Growth


Truly comprehensive

Because the recommendation engine can precisely recall and factor in all aspects of each student's practice history, it can identify areas that need additional time or areas that need refreshing. Instead of just playing what they like best or the most recent items, students are prompted to play items that will keep their skills sharp. Come exam time, your students will be better prepared for their CM, ABRSM, RCM or other similar certifications. For independent musicians and even teachers, it's the easiest way to maintain a repertoire.

Very efficient

A typical student's practice is being hampered by his ability to figure out what to play, especially if he has a large repertoire. By taking the thinking out of the practice selection process, Better Practice students are freed to focus on playing and their play quality. Because their practice includes items that have already been mastered, students can play through them easier which helps build momentum and confidence during practice as well as greater enjoyment. The net result is that students end up playing much more and in a manner that efficiently spans the breadth of their skillset.