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Better Practice works great in schools! Get students engaged and practicing more. Managing assignments, sharing sheet music, videos and backing tracks, and communicating is so much faster and easier through the app. Like other schools, you'll love it.


10 Reasons Why Your School Needs Better Practice™

1. Makes Practice Fun

With Better Practice™, practice is no longer a solitary activity. Practicing at home will be an extension of school where students can still interact with their classmates: see when and how much their friends practice, send and receive compliments, and compete for badges. Students can also play along with videos and backingtracks, record themselves and share it, making the practice experience enjoyable.

2. Recognizes Student Progress

The Better Practice™ app automatically tracks when and how much students practice so that teachers and parents are kept updated: dashboards make tracking progress toward targets easy, weekly updates are sent out for busy parents, recordings are captured if parents want to listen if they are not home when they practice.

3. Removes Roadblocks with Built-in Finger Charts

Every learning musician has run into that 'How do I play that note?' moment. With built-in finger charts on the practice screen, your students will be able to continue on with their practice without missing a beat. From double horn french horn to cello to clarinet, Better Practice™ carries all the major instruments and are adding more. It's also helpful for us band teachers who can't always remember how to play every note on every instrument.

4. Sports Super Powers for Assignments

Better Practice™ has many powerful group features allowing teachers to support multiple teachers with both individual and group classes all in one place. Creating assignments and adding lesson plans for the different classes are easily managed by the app. You can create custom curriculums to guide you the whole year or add items ad hoc as the year evolves. Add in videos or audio upfront or midweek if students need more help. Nothing compares to the power of our assignment system.

5. Makes Scheduling a Breeze (even Block schedules)

Better Practice™ keeps everyone on the same page when class and events are scheduled. Unlike other calendar solutions, our scheduler can even handle schools that have complex block schedules that change from week to week. With the next lesson clearly displayed in the app, students will have no excuses for missing out.

6. Revolutionizes with Recordings

Being able to easily record practice and share has revolutionized music education. With Better Practice™ teachers can now hear what students are playing, better understand where they need help, and even play and share their recordings back to students for help. Some schools have their students submit their recordings to be graded which is another great way to get students to practice as most students record repeatedly so they can submit something perfect. The creative side of recordings is that it allows students to share their renditions or even original music with others. It's inspiring and fun.

7. Saves Time with Band Books

Better Practice™ employs a large database of music books including many of the most popular band books for easy assignments. Don't waste any time typing in assignments or seeing what's next. We have all the assignments for band books entered and laid out in a easy to understand guide to simplify your workflow and save you valuable time.

8. Shows School Spirit

Schools can add their school logos and colors into the app and customize it to become an Official School Music app. Not only does the app make your music program operate like a top tier program, it also helps it look like one too.

9. Gives Proper Feedback

One of the most important ingredients to progress is getting proper feedback. Not only can teachers listen to shared recordings and give feedback at any time, Better Practice™ also gives teachers the ability to create detailed progress reports which documents the activities of the students and allows the teacher to comment. These progress reports can be accessible and printed by students and parents within the app.

10. Features Sponsors

Many schools rely on sponsors to help pay music related resources including the app. The Better Practice™ app has dedicated placement for your sponsors in the app so that they can be properly recognized. This may also help you get more sponsors.

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