A Better Way To Practice Music

Practice consistently and effectively
Pick Your Time
Traditional music students are practicing without a schedule and without help
The Club gives students a consistent time to practice, a coach to guide them through PLUS access to the Better Practice App!
The days of nagging your child to practice are over. We got this.
Coaching starts at $5/session and you get the award-winning app for Free
90% of students quit after their first year. We make it fun so they will actually learn music

Who is this for?

Inconsistent Practicers

Instead of practicing alone, inconsistent practicers meet with a group of students and a coach to practice at a scheduled time each week. This makes practice fun and students progress quickly instead of losing interest and end up quitting.

New Students

With a coach by their side from the very beginning, new students will start off with good practice habits right out of the gate. This helps them avoid becoming inconsistent practicers and their chances of success in learning music increase significantly.

Busy Students

Students who struggle to find enough time to practice in their busy schedules will benefit from joining the club. Because of the immediate feedback and productive practices with a coach, busy students achieve more in less time.

Serious Students

Students that want to improve faster receive instant feedback from an experienced coach during practice instead of waiting for the next lesson with the teacher. This provides them the extra boost they are missing to get to the next level.

Why Better Practice Club Works?

It's Social

Instant Feedback

It's Scheduled

Stop wasting money from lack of practice

How it works

Getting Started

  1. Register for the time slot that works for you
  2. Get a Zoom account
  3. Setup your practice area

Practice Time

  1. Tap on link in Better Practice App
  2. Say "Hi" to your practice buddies
  3. Start practicing


  • Individual Coaching
  • Questions On-Demand
  • Consistent & Flexible Schedules
  • Instant Feedback
  • Teacher Stays Informed
  • Affordable
Parents, take a break. We got this!

See It In Action