This sounds like a good idea, but I already pay for lessons. Why do I need this?
9 out of 10 music students end up quitting before becoming proficient and many often regret it later as adults. The biggest culprit is practice. If you or your child is learning music today, unfortunately, the odds are against you in the current lesson only model and you will likely waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

For those that practice alone or do so inconsistently, think about all the times the teacher has had to go over the lesson again or cannot move on. This translates to costing you more money and time, because you're spending more repeating lessons rather than making progress.

When students improve rapidly, they feel a sense of accomplishment and what they can play becomes more interesting and fun. This creates momentum in the learning process. When you're moving slowly, no one is enjoying it, not the student, not the teacher, not the parents.
I'm an adult and don't have a problem practicing regularly. How will this help me?
While consistent practice is one of the benefits of the Club, the other is the instant feedback you'll receive while practicing. Progress is made with each feedback loop. If you're getting feedback once a week, then your progress will be much slower than one in which there's a coach to help you immediately as you're practicing, pointing out mistakes and making corrections as you make them. So practicing with the Club is not only more efficient and effective, it also saves you money in lesson costs.
I'm teaching myself using one of the online music learning programs. Can this help me?
Absolutely. This pay-as-you-go service is a perfect complement to you and your program as you access to a professional teacher to help you through difficult areas and conquer challenging techniques that are hard to do by yourself.
Is there anything like this available?
Not that we know of, but many teachers are starting to understand that the lesson only model is not yielding good results and are now packaging their lessons with our service to provide a complete learning solution. Together, this gives music students a much better chance of being successful.
Do you have coaches for all instruments?
Piano is currently our primary area of focus and have coaches capable of supporting most piano methods and levels, but also many of our piano coaches can coach several different instruments. Please feel free to sign-up to see if we can support you.
How do I pay?
If you are on a subscription plan, we will bill you directly at the beginning of each month. If you're purchasing individual sessions, then you can purchase them and schedule your sessions as needed. All prices are in US dollars. We accept all major credit cards.
What if I don’t like the club?
There’s no long term contract with us. If at anytime you’re not happy, you can cancel your subscription. If you cancel within the first four sessions, we will even refund you anything you've paid up to that point. So it's a money-back guarantee!