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Music Practice Clubs for Your Students

Who is this for?

Inconsistent Practicers

Don't lose another student! Instead of practicing alone, inconsistent practicers meet with a group of students and a coach to practice at a scheduled time each week. This makes practice fun and students progress quickly instead of losing interest and end up quitting.

New Students

With a coach by their side from the very beginning, new students will start off with good practice habits right out of the gate. It works so well that we have a teacher that sends us all her new students and pays for their first month too!

Busy Students

Students who struggle to find enough time to practice in their busy schedules will benefit from joining the club. Because of the immediate feedback and productive practices with a coach, busy students achieve more in less time.

Serious Students

Students that want to improve faster receive instant feedback from an experienced coach during practice instead of waiting for the next lesson with the teacher. This provides them the extra boost they are missing to get to the next level.

The Traditional Music Education Model Is Broken

As music teachers, we all know how important practice is for our students' progress, but getting them to practice consistently is a real challenge. We rely on students to either be self-motivated or have families with the time and know-how to support their children in music each and every day. The reality is that very few people are self-motivated, and not all families can help. So basically, the music education model in its current form makes it difficult for most students to be successful.

You can focus on the lesson. We'll take care of practice.

Why Better Practice Club Works?

It's Social

Instant Feedback

It's Scheduled

With other activities like sports, practice is central part of the offering and key to the development of skills. For one, practice is done in a group, making it a fun, social activity. Secondly, it's led by a coach who can guide the players, and provide tips and instant feedback. Third, it's at a scheduled time. Teams that want better results practice multiple times a week. What if practice was offered as part of your music service? With Better Practice Club, you can; then each student would have a great chance at success!

Starts at just $20/month. It's Affordable!

How it works

Getting Started

  1. Your students register for time slots that work
  2. Get a Zoom account
  3. Setup their practice area

Practice Time

  1. Tap on link in Better Practice App
  2. Say "Hi" to their practice buddies
  3. Start practicing

See It In Action


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Get the Better Practice App for FREE

For every month that a student is enrolled in Better Practice Club, that student will receive the app for FREE.

For example, if you have one student enrolled in a Pro club, the monthly app subscription will not include a charge for that student on the invoice.

So with the Better Practice Club, you get consistent practicers and the app for free!

Want To Be A Coach?

We're looking for experienced music teachers and university-level music students to serve as coaches too. This is a great way to earn extra income during the hours you are not teaching and help more kids to grow in their music education.